Amazing benefits of rural broadband

One of the amazing benefits of rural broadband is the provision of opportunities for direct access to education and health care for rural residents. Rural Internet describes the characteristics of Internet service in rural areas. (also referred to as “the country” or “countryside”), which are settled places outside towns and cities.

Rural Vs Urban communities

Imagine an urban city as a box. When one thinks outside this compartment, one is able to conceptualize that rural areas exist beyond this well-structured box. However, the inside isn’t well connected to the outside and vice-versa.One has smart street lights while the other encounters black outs. One relies on good roads and highways to be connected with the outside world, while the other is the ‘outside world’. How can we bridge the digital gap between these two categories?

Along with robust public policy, broadband connectivity is the glue. It is a useful piece of technology that can help multiple industries within various sectors of an economy thrive, especially in rural areas. From smart agriculture to supply chain management and education to tele-health, people all over the world who reside in rural areas can use it as a connection to help access global information and cultural resources.

Five Amazing benefits of Rural broadband

  1. Connects public to healthcare: An amazing benefit of rural broadband is that it seamlessly connects clinics and hospitals, urban medical centers with specialists and advanced equipment. Patients can also view online medical records, make payments and schedule appointments, or even live chat with doctors – all without a long drive into the nearest city.
  2. Brings local businesses to global markets: Websites like Ebay, Etsy, Facebook, and Pinterest are a haven for crafters, creators, “junkers,” and anyone else who has something to sell. Businesses with services to offer can also promote their brand online and put the internet to work for them. With a broadband connection, businesses can connect to millions of consumers in just a few clicks.
  3. Educational opportunities: Online classes, anyone? From homeschooling to college degrees and continuing education – it’s all available online! Where students once had to (gasp!) put on clothes and make their way into a classroom several days out of the week, most educational programs now offer an online program that’s easier on rural students living hours away from the nearest campus.
  4. Attracts visitors to local businesses: Another amazing benefits of rural broadband is that it attracts foreign investors to local businesses. Most people on the road these days use some form of GPS. Without an internet connect, local businesses wouldn’t show up on maps or in local Google search listings. Being connected means passersby can learn about local businesses and make a stop as they move through the area.
  5. Allows users to stay in touch with family and friends: Gone are the days of hand-written letters delivered by pony. Telegrams are old news too, and who even uses a phone for actually talking nowadays?. Grandma and Grandpa can enjoy retirement in plateau and still see their grand kids in real-time on the computer screen. We joke, but broadband has truly changed the way we communicate.
Amazing benefits of rural broadband

Who can Deploy Rural Broadband?

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Steps to setup a broadband connection in your home

  1. Choose Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) The first step in getting internet access where you live is choosing the right internet service provider (ISP)
  2. Install and Set Up Your Router/Modem
  3. Connect Your WiFi Router to the Modem
  4. Connect Your Devices to the Internet

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