Merits of wireless broadband

The merits of wireless broadband brings the opportunity for direct access to education and health care for rural residents. In just one decade, the world of information and communications technologies (ICT) has changed dramatically. The Internet has become an integral part of people’s personal and business lives; critical for a wide range of information, communication and entertainment services. With broadband networks, consumers can now access the Internet at speeds up to or exceeding 100 megabits per second (Mbit/s) and they can use their mobile phones for a wide range of activities, including surfing the Internet, purchasing goods and services online, streaming video or music and conducting financial transactions.

What is Wireless Broadband?

Wireless broadband (WiBB) is high-speed internet and data service delivered through a wireless local area network (WLAN) or wireless wide area network (WWAN). As with other wireless services, wireless broadband may be either fixed or mobile. Wireless broadband is not the same as Wi-Fi, which is a way to connect computers and devices together into a local area network (LAN).

Merits of wireless broadband
Wireless broadband

Merits of wireless broadband

If your business hasn’t made the switch to wireless broadband quite yet, you might want to consider doing so.

The merits of wireless broadband are as follows:


One of the main merits of wireless broadband is that you can access the Internet from anywhere, whether it is your office, canteen, living-room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. The only thing you need to make sure you are in the range of your router.

There is no need to lay down the cable in your whole office or home. The Internet connection is possible in remote areas.

2. Connect multiple devices

You can connect more than one computer to the WiFi router. Multiple users can access the same Internet and perform different tasks at the same time. You can connect anything that has a WiFi ability, whether it is your phone, tablet, smartwatch, printer, scanner, game consoles, smart home appliances, etc.

3. Fastest speed

These days, broadband solutions can range from as low as 1 Mbps to as much as 100 MBps. With a connection that fast, wireless broadband will give you the convenience of opening websites almost instantaneously, loading videos in seconds, and using real-time communication such as video conferencing without any drop in quality.

4. Fast connectivity

Another advantage that broadband has is the fact that it is always on, meaning its always on standby.

How to connect to a wireless broadband

The Economic development of wireless broadband in Zamfara

  • The internet of things

 wireless broadband offers the possibility to connect citizens to town services by leveraging the emerging IoT. For example, towns can notify citizens immediately when water quality changes, monitor park usage by offering free Wi-Fi and tracking logins, and enable train signals to communicate with traffic signals so cars can cross the tracks before a train blocks the intersection. 

  • The engine of electronic commerce

Wireless broadband is a key economic development driver for attracting new entrepreneurs to electronic commerce zones within a municipality. Across the United States, many towns have defined enterprise zones with a focus on electronic commerce development, using tax incentives to attract new businesses that rely on distant trade over a robust fiber backbone. Zones of this type generally provide qualifying businesses with credits against their state income tax, corporate excise tax or both, typically equaling 25 percent of the capital cost for electronic commerce investments.

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