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Who is an Internet service provider?

An internet service provider is an organization that provides services for accessing, using or participating in the internet. Internet service providers may be organized in various forms, such as commercial, community owned, non-profit, or otherwise privately owned. An example of a privately owned internet service organization is Sycomptech communications limited, Pi-Sairtel, Cityfibre, Tizeti, Cobranet and so much more.

In this twenty first century, everyone is entitled to surf the internet be it for private purposes or organizations. The web became available in Nigeria in 1996 with full internet access by 1998, and by 2001 there were over one fifty ISPs licensed by the Nigerian communications commission (NCC).

The internet penetration amounted to 51.44 percent of the population in 2021 and is set to reach 59.92 percent in 2026. Nigeria is one of the most populous countries worldwide.

There are internet service providers which deals with voice and data while others are focused mainly on data provision.



  • Fibre-optics broadband service- ISP’s like Syscomptech, Cityfibre, Fibreone are well known to deliver good fibre-optical connections to their users. Fibre-optic internet sends data faster than most internet connection.


  • Satellite broadband- ISP’s like Pi-Sairtel, Coolink, are well known for delivering Satellite internet


  • Digital subscriber line (DSL)- If you are accustomed to using a dial-up connection, you will be amazed by the speed of a DSL connection. DSL uses the phone line to carry digital signals directly. ISP’s like Pi-sairtel provides such services which enables users to always stay connected to the internet.


  • Wireless-ISP’s like syscomptech, provides wireless internet that uses radio frequencies to connect to the is an always on connection, much like DSL, within an area that has coverage. The wireless connection can also be used on your cell phone. It is similar to satellite coverage, but instead of using a satellite to connect to the internet, it uses cell phone towers.


  • Cable-Cable internet uses a special cable known as coaxial cable, and a modem. Internet connection via cable does not rely on a phone connection.


  • ispReliability
  • Cost
  • Speed

The internet is available in most parts of the country especially the urban areas but that cannot be said about most rural areas in the country.

The northern part of Nigeria is still trying to meet up with its counterparts in the western region. There is poor coverage in these areas and most of its populace have not really been exposed to the internet. It has become a herculean task for internet service providers to deploy internet to these areas.

The type of internet access varies depending on what the customers requires. For home consumption, cable or DSL (Digital subscriber line) is the perfect, affordable choice. The cost of home use can range anywhere from N10000-N15000 a month. The amount of bandwidth is usually what drives the price. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be sent through an internet connection in a given amount of time.


Frustrated Isp userThe internet has become an important tool in our day to day life improving productivity or overall performance of a firm thereby birthing various internet service providers all over the length and breadth of Nigeria.

  • It has helped individuals communicate faster
  • It has helped firms and organizations perform task quickly
  • It has helped researchers make proper investigations on projects
  • Relevant content available on the internet
  • Online education through the internet
  • Internet saves time

The Internet is the most effective part of mass media

Using the internet in workplaces makes your business more competitive and enhances the movements of assignments. It accelerates 24-hour communication through technologies such as wireless devices and cell phones that can send and receive email at any time of the day.

Considerations in choosing an internet service provider

In choosing among the various internet service provider options, the most important thing to consider is the needs of the business. How much work will be done online and how dependent will the business’s communications be on e-mail and other online services? The answer to these questions will determine the range of bandwidth needed-a simple dial up connection or a broad band connection capable of providing a number of people with high-speed connections simultaneously. By determining the bandwidth or speed requirements for the internet connection one may help to limit the number of internet service providers to consider.

Pi-sairtel has become one of the leading if not the best internet service provider in Nigeria because it covers all regions offering high internet speed, at Pi-sairtel, there is an affordable rate of data, high maintenance and support to its end users. They deploy services to the north were internet usage is very low. This has been made possible because of its satellite installations and base stations in these areas. There are also well trained personnel to deal with issues of fail-over, these is a ploy to reduce the rate of downtime so as to get users up and running on the internet.





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