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The Northern internet after all these years still has a very poor growth rate, which makes the digital divide in the country visible that even a blind man can see it. With over 208 million people, only 50% of the country’s population has internet access, that is to say just half of the population have access to the internet in Nigeria. This is caused by the huge digital divide between the southern and northern regions of the country.

Source: Digital 2021: Nigeria report from DataReportal and partners Hootsuite and We Are Social.
Statistics of the Internet users in Nigeria



Digital Divide is the inequality of people with regards to getting access to information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure or the internet within a community. It can also be defined as the gap between regions that have access to information and communication technology (ICT) which includes but is not limited to the internet, computers, or do not have any online footprint in other words. It can also be described as a lack of civilization and development.

Northern internet

One of the major causes of the divide is geographical location. The Northern region in most cases is called the rural areas which some stereotype as far, hence why the infrastructure needed to ensure good internet connection is not provided. Other reasons include but are not limited to low literacy, low income levels, lack of motivation to use technology, lack of physical access to technology and digital illiteracy.

Speaking with Mohammed from Kaduna in the north, he said the northern internet covers only major parts of the city, which he finds ridiculous because there are still a lot of rural areas yet to receive coverage he also hopes that something will be done about it.
He describes the internet as an information highway, he loves it because not only has it helped him at securing his dream job but also helped him in learning basic skills; it is also something everybody needs to experience no matter who they are.
He also stated that location should never be a barrier to using the internet, and considering it’s a problem should be addressed with immediate effect and treated as urgent.


The divide can be closed or at least breached if the infrastructure needed for internet connectivity can be provided to the northern region to ensure good, affordable, and fast internet for most people in the rural areas. Provision of affordable, good bandwidth internet services, and devices that can make internet access available and also educational pathways that would not only teach people how to use the internet but also teach young individuals how to install and make use of the equipment’s  needed to get the internet across the rural areas.

Here at  Pi Sairtel, We have noticed the challenges faced in the northern region and we have come to bridge the gap, by providing undefeated, unequal and truly unlimited access not just to the major cities but also the rural communities including going  to the Northern region of Nigeria to provide them with internet services. . We aim at empowering the people through training on installation services, providing them with kits, we will also engage some people to take up the sales angle of the business, while some others will be involved as service partners, what people call distributors and other forms of empowerment.

Pi Sairtel provides hassle free satellite services with the best footprints across Nigeria and West Africa. Pi Sairtel internet service is truly unlimited even for those in the northern regions and all over the country.


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