Broadband service provider in Borno


A rise in the quest for information has given birth to the need for a broadband service provider in Borno state, Nigeria. This is because Information is of great value to the people of Borno state.

Information helps in policy and decision making and also aids people in different professional fields like medicine, engineering, law, science and other fields do their jobs more effectively.

With the right information available to people, they are able of obtain more fruitful and effective results in their various fields of research. Hence, the great need for a broadband service provider in Borno.


Broadband refers to a high capacity transmission technique using a wide range of frequencies, which enables a large number of messages to be communicated simultaneously. Relatively, a broadband service provider is a company that provides high speed communications to homes, offices and businesses for the purpose of internet access. It is the gateway to the internet and anything that happens online.

Borno state with motto “Home of peace” is a northeastern state in Nigeria with Maiduguri as its largest and capital city. The state was formed in 1976 from the split of the then northeastern state. Until 1991, the state contained Yobe state which is presently a border state. Borno state is blessed with a climate that is subservient for agriculture. The state produces a wide variety of food and cash crops such as rice, maize, millet and wheat. It also produces livestock in Large quantities.

Apart from agriculture which is the major occupation of the people of Borno state, the inhabitants of the state have other professions like teaching, trading, engineering, medicine and a lot others.  Borno state is made up of 27 local government areas and a total population of 5.86 million people according to the 2006 census. With the population of people in the state and the number of businesses taking place, a broadband service provider in Borno is of essence.

 With a broadband service provider in Borno, the state will experience rapid growth and development in all aspects because a broadband service gives higher internet speed and connectivity, which is important for virtual meetings and conferences.

 A broadband service provider in Borno would also be very beneficial to the health sector because rural health care workers who have an interest in using electronic health records, and other health related technological devices that require internet connectivity, would have the opportunity of exploring that area and this would bring better development in the health sector of the state.

Apart from the health sector, businesses thrive better when there is proper availability of information. This information would be readily available with the presence of a broadband service provider in Borno because with the use of technological devices and the provision of unlimited data services, one has access to undiluted information from the internet.

Another aspect where the presence of a broadband service provider in Borno state would be felt is the educational sector.  Education is a pillar in every society as the impartation of knowledge transcends to economic growth. Borno state has educational institutions such as Ramat Polytechnic Maiduguri, University of Maiduguri, Kashim Ibrahim college of Education amongst others.

Students of these institutions need access to the internet for smooth learning and information acquisition. The invention of mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablet computers, e-readers and others alongside technological devices, has made information dissemination so easy. With the help of a broadband service provider in Borno, someone in Borno could be at his farm, his office, his bedroom or even in his bathroom and get quality and timely information about happenings in his immediate environment and places far away. Indeed, the world has become a global village.


 A broadband service provider in Borno will make it possible for people in Borno to stream movies online, surf the net, do online shopping at the comfort of their homes and offices, and also link up with family and friends online at their convenience.

It is one thing to be able to access the internet easily and another to access it speedily. With Pi Sairtel which is a broadband service provider in Borno and other parts of the country,  The inhabitants of Borno are assured of both easy and fast access to the internet wherever and whenever they want. Pi Sairtel is a broadband service provider that offers truly unlimited access to the internet irrespective of location. This means that people living in Borno and environs can now have unrestricted access to information and undiluted entertainment when they subscribe to Pi Sairtel.

Do you know that business transactions, examinations, shopping, interviews and even learning can be done speedily online and at your convenience when you have a reliable internet connection? The good news is, apart from being a broadband service provider, the internet service rendered by Pi Sairtel is amazingly affordable and every family, business and organization in Borno can easily afford it. Visit now to get started.

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