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The presence of an internet service provider in Maiduguri is a basic necessity because information is power and with an internet service provider in Maiduguri, there would be rapid growth and development in the aspects of trade, education, entertainment and all aspects of the city, and the entire state at large.

Imagine a world where objects in a distance are dark and unrecognizable and we can only see things that are so close to us. Myopic right? That would have been the situation of this world without the internet. We have always been taught that the basic needs of humans are food, clothing, and shelter. We could as well add the need for communication to this list because without communication, humans find it difficult to coexist. In recent times, the internet has become a part of the basic necessities for human survival as it links people together irrespective of locality, ethnicity and culture.


It is a known fact that some areas in Nigeria (both rural and urban) do not have adequate network coverage. Hence, those leaving in these areas are not as prone to information and entertainment as the people who live where they have good network coverage. In this regard, we would use the capital city of Maiduguri as a case study.

Maiduguri is the capital and largest city of Borno state, northeastern Nigeria. Inhabitants of this city are either Muslims or Christians with majority of them being farmers and traders. Besides food-processing facilities, the city has industries that manufacture leather, metal and wooden furniture, aluminum and steel products. They also have health care facilities and educational facilities such as the University of Maiduguri which was founded in 1975, Kashim Ibrahim College of Education and Borno state College of Legal and Islamic Studies.

Although there have been issues of insecurities in recent times, these statistics show that the city of Maiduguri is indeed a big and buoyant city which can be more productive in trade, education and knowledge with the presence of good internet service. This is why an Internet service provider (ISP) like Pi Sairtel is a necessity for the city of Maiduguri. 

In developing states in Nigeria with Maiduguri as the reference point, the need for an internet service provider in Maiduguri cannot be overemphasized because the internet is the window to the world and without an internet service provider, places like Maiduguri and its environs are more or less shut out from the rest of the world. 

The invention of mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablet computers, e-readers and others alongside technological devices, has made information dissemination so easy. With the help of an ISP, different information reach their various locations and audiences timely and at the comfort of their homes. Now, with the aid of an internet service provider in Maiduguri and the use of smart devices, someone in maiduguri could be at his farm, his office, his bedroom or even in his bathroom and get quality and timely information about happenings in his immediate environment and places far away. Indeed, the world has become a global village.


The advent of the internet was preceded by the invention of radio, telephone, telegraph and others. Unlike the internet, these media were not as fast, vast and totally convenient for users. The internet is a world-wide broadcasting channel for the dissemination of information and interaction between people, and also a means of entertainment with disregard for geographic location. This means that there is no limit to where the internet can reach.

January 1, 1983 is said to be the official birthday of the internet because a new communications protocol was established called Transfer Control Protocol/ Internetwork Protocal (TCP/IP) which allowed different kinds of computers on different networks to talk to each other. Prior to this time, the various computer networks did not have a standard way to communicate with each other. On August 1991, the World Wide Web was introduced and that was the beginning of unlimited passage of information to all parts of the globe.

The internet has generally been of great impact in all spheres of life. Apart from information dissemination, the internet has been a means of education, a source of entertainment and a means of cultural preservation. Data stored on the internet can be accessed by generations to come. It is therefore a means of passing knowledge to forth coming generations. In this age of the internet, one does not need to inscribe words on a tablet of stone and keep it stored in a hidden cave, hoping that it would be discovered by the right person in future. With the aid of an internet service provider and a mobile device, you are one step away from controlling the future.


If you have been wondering what an ISP is through the course of reading, ISP is an abbreviation for internet service provider. This term refers to a company that provides access to the internet to organizations, businesses and homes for a fee. An internet service  provider makes it possible for people to surf the net, stream movies online, do online shopping at the comfort of their homes and offices, and also link up with family and friends online at their convenience.

It is one thing to be able to access the internet easily and another to access it speedily. With Pi Sairtel which is an internet service provider in Maiduguri and other parts of the country,  you are assured of both easy and fast access to the internet wherever and whenever you want. Pi Sairtel is an ISP (internet service provider) that offers truly unlimited access to the internet irrespective of location. This means that people in the city of Maiduguri can now have unrestricted access to information and undiluted entertainment when they subscribe to Pi Sairtel.

Do you know you can be indoors and still live your normal everyday outside life like attend a meeting, a music concert, do an interview, shop for groceries, attend lectures, entertain your kids and even the whole family? Well, I guess you know that already because the outbreak of the Covid 19 virus in the first quarter of year 2020 and the subsequent lock down was an eye opener to many on the powerful nature of the internet and the need for an internet service provider. 

The good news is, apart from being an internet service provider in Maiduguri, the internet service rendered by Pi Sairtel is amazingly affordable and every family, business and organization in Maiduguri can easily afford it. Visit now to get more information. Data is life, keep living.





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