As we all know today that the internet has benefited us in various ways of our lives. The internet connects individuals, lives, stories, and organizations. It is a wellspring of data, a social stage, and business organization. The internet has assorted utilization relying upon the requirements of an individual or the setting, notwithstanding the reason. The significance of the internet in our everyday lives is certain.

                          Facts about internet

  1. The Internet was invented over 40 years in a beer garden! Who says the best ideas don’t come over a drink!
  2. Previous names for wireless Internet were WaveLAN, FlankSpeed, DragonFly, WECA and IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence, before the consumer friendly name wifi was adopted
  3. Wireless Internet signals generally emit from your router in a doughnut shape. Tasty!
  4. The average person now spends almost 10 hours a day online – we spend more time on the Internet than we do sleeping!
  5. 5 billion Google searches are performed on the Internet each day! What are all these people searching for?

                       Advantages of a reliable internet

  1. Online shopping- this is one of the most common things people do on the internet. It is very easy to get products all over the world if we do not want to stress over it with just the use of the internet. For example, we go on Jumia or Amazon to get products that we need to buy. However, we can also sell our products too on the internet through websites (it also serves as means of trading).
  2. Fast connectivity- nowadays, most of us use the internet to connect with relatives and other people around the world. The internet makes it easier and faster so we do not have to go through difficulties trying to connect with people.
  3. Improved security.
  4. Decreased stress.
  5. Money savings.

Disadvantages of a non reliable internet

  1. Low response rate.
  2. Poor timeliness.
  3. Limited access to certain portals.
  4. It causes frustration.
  5. It increases workload.

Regardless of the way that the Internet has some various disservices, it tends to be comprehended that it is still extremely valuable to humankind as in helps in clinical research works and resulting innovations, just as produce some great intuitive diversion and interactive media. Consequently, man needs the Internet to prop life up.

In conclusion, a reliable Internet guarantees that you have successful correspondence. … These incorporate voice, versatile, information, and bound together interchanges. While considering these applications low inertness turns into a significant factor just as unwavering quality. Numerous Internet specialist organizations give incredible client care.

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