Internet Service Providers (ISP) are entities that give internet access and associated offerings to people and other companies. These ISP companies frequently supply greater net services to their customers. Such other services encompass broadband, wifi, statistics services.

Who is the great Internet Service Provider in Nigeria? Or higher stillwho are the Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Nigeria? And what do they rate? Nevertheless, these businesses provide wifi offerings to each people and agency.

It would be really difficult for companies, or individuals at large to enjoy using their gadgets without having sound network coverage, and for that to happen, you need a network provider. There are masses of Internet service providers in Nigeria these daysbut, do they without a doubt offer the offerings anticipated of them?

For any business that depends upon internet connection, you want an awesome internet services company. Not simply a regular internet carrier issuer, you actually need a very good one, because the lack of an efficient network would result in low productivity. In truth, you need the first-rate net service issuer in Nigeria.

Best rated internet service providers in Nigeria

  • Sairtel
  • Cityfibre (powered by syscomptech)
  • Cobranet Limited
  • Spectranet Nigeria
  • Smile Nigeria


Sairtel deploys high performance, most affordable and best quality of service Internet Connectivity Solutions across Nigeria and provides on-going 24/7/365 days technical support. Sairtel provide hassle-free internet services. Personally, sairtel has really helped the productivity of my business because of how fast the network works. also, it is really affordable.


Cityfibre provides hassle-free internet services via VSAT, fibre optics, and broadband. They deliver on the same day in Lagos and within 4 days elsewhere. They offer the best support as an ISP in Nigeria, hence, you can never have a minute downtime, else they will pay for it. Their support is available even all night long. Because they are customercentric. Click to subscribe to cityfibre

Enterprises and institutions upcountry prefer VSAT services, while most businesses in Lagos prefer our fibre-optic internet service for its speed and affordability. Their network is extremely fast with no data-cap, and it’s truly unlimited


Cobranet company has been providing internet services for both individuals and companies, it has been a source of both reliable and secure internet connections. They have two services under her wings – UGO mobile and UGO fiber. UGO mobile is based on mobile broadbands while UGO fibre is the company’s Fibre-Optic technology.


Spectranet was awarded a License from the Nigerian Communications Commission in 2009 to promote Internet services across Nigeria. Hence, company was the first Internet Service Provider to launch 4G LTE internet service in Nigeria. Their services are currently available across Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, and Port Harcourt.


Smile Nigeria is one of the fastest-growing internet providing company in the country, but they provide services to both individuals and companies in a few states in Nigeria. The company prides itself as one of the fastest network companies in the country because they have two different packages for individuals to choose from; 7GB anytime + SMIFI, unlimited premium + router.

These are just a few of the internet service providers in Nigeria, there are many more, but if you are looking to get internet service, these are your best bet.

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